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The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Best Health Coach Website


It does not matter how small or big the health coaching business of yours is, but you need to build an online presence to be successful and it’s a critical part in marketing endeavor. For any business online marketing has become quite essential in this digital era. For instance, all the information regarding the marketing strategy to be applied for the med spa is available in med-spa marketing website. There are various online resources and tools which help in building your own business website irrespective of your level of technical know-how or experience. Below mentioned are simple and easy steps which help in creating a website on your own.

Get the domain name- The first step in creating the health coaching website is to secure a domain name that is the address of the website. Domain name is unique and it cannot be shared among multiple sites. It could be a combination of different letters and it should not be linked to any other website. The domain should match with your business name. You could check out the availability of the domain name you have chosen before you finalize it. Remember to renew the domain name after every 12 months.

Get personalized email address– Having a customized email address for your business makes it look more professional. You could easily set up a business address using various user-friendly setup services.

Choose website builder- Choosing right website builder is very much essential of the success of the business website. Look for the one which offers blogging interface and are highly customizable so that you could create a website with your individual style.

Generate content- Now it’s time to turn the vision into reality. How attractive the images are and high-quality content makes a business website approachable. The content should be engaging and more comprehensive.

Healthcare SEO: The Best Keyword Strategy Tips


There are millions of people out there who search for health information using various search engines online. One out of twenty searchers would be looking for information related to health. The ability of healthcare marketers to stand out in the crowded online space depends largely on their capability to rank high in the search engines. You could also use the help of PracticeBloom who can guide you with regard to medical practice marketing.

If you are quite serious about coming up with SEO keyword strategy on your own, then there are various tips one should keep in mind.

Tips to Ponder

Talk to the consumers – You should have a general understanding about the things customers need. You can ask the questions by conducting a survey or through informal conversations. The questions you need to look answer for are: which online source they trust, what are the biggest concerns or challenges, do they go through reviews? It helps in avoiding the basing the strategy on misconceptions.

Identify the keyword phrases- There are many ways one can look for apt keyword phrases. Check through online ads, patient search data and you can find various tools online to help you in identifying the right keyword phrases.

Determine which keywords got high ranking potential- All the keywords are not ranked equally. Some of them are generic and are not possible to rank while few are so specific, hardly anyone will search for them. Hence you need to opt for those keywords that got high search volume every month and at the same time, the competition level should be relatively low. You could use different tools to find those keywords. The most important tip you should remember is that your keyword should relate exactly what you have to offer. Consider what makes your service or product unique.