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10 common advertising mistakes.


You have a great product and you have been employing all the media channels to advertise it but you still do not see it growing according to your expectations. You want to get the maximum benefit of time, effort and money spent on adverting online but the returns may not be impressive. Here is a great advertising company in London which helped me to understand the mistakes in my campaigns. It could be one of the following reasons:

1.Advertising and targeting in the wrong place: Target the right location based websites and the right segment of people; age, gender, and culture are important aspects.

2.Advertising throughout the year:  You can place your advertisements at the right time and event promotions should be around the special occasions when people will be more inclined to buy your products.

3.The content may not be relevant or appropriate: The content should appeal to the ultimate consumers. It should fulfil their needs.

4.Lack of clarity in the message: Your message should explain, but in brief about the product. Lengthy or boring messages do not attract people.

5.It is all about the product only: The consumers want a solution that addresses their problems. So create an advertisement that appears like a solution to their problems. Do not just harp about your company.

6.The appearance may not be good enough: The ad should be visually appealing to the customers.

7.The content may not be good: The message should be precise, focussed and appealing and above all should have original content.

8.Using old websites: The websites should be relevant, updated regularly or advertisement must be displayed in new places.

  1. Not planning promotions and events well: You must plan well ahead of any event or promotion to be launched to reap maximum benefit from it.
  2. You are just one in the crowd: Try to stand out and come up with unique ideas.

If you want your advertising project to succeed, then plan well, use the best ideas and execute them properly. Keep track of its effectiveness and keep evolving for better returns.